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I. General Instructions

1) The Bala Vihar Registration form is a SECURE form. All information (including credit card info) will be transmitted to the server securelyThe form is fairly self-intuitive and has been designed to guide you along the way. These instructions are deliberately elaborate.

2) If you are having trouble with the form, click here to go to the Troubleshooting section.

3) Fields denoted by * in the form are required fields.

4) Follow instructions carefully. Detailed instructions for every section is available.

5) After you fill the form out correctly and click "Submit", you will receive a message from the Chinmaya Mission confirming the receipt of your registration. Sensitive data like credit card data and dates of birth will be suppressed. Save this receipt for your records.

6) Corrections/Changes After Submission:

Currently, there is no automated way to make changes to a submitted registration. After submitting the form, if you would like to make corrections or changes, please send an email to with the changes you would like to make.

Chinmaya Triveni Location*

Sunday Balavihar LOCATION (8:30 AM TO 12:30 PM)
Chinmaya Triveni
3231 Ramos Circle
Sacramento, CA 95827

II. Parent / Family Information

1) Please enter the last and first names of each parent as applicable.

2) Please enter the home* and work phone number in the 408-555-1212 format.

Example: 408-998-2793

3) Please enter a valid email address*. This address will be used to email to you a confirmation of your registration and will be stored in the Chinmaya Mission database. If your email address is not in the proper format, you will be prompted to correct it.


4) Please enter a valid address. Please use the first line for street number*, apartment information as appropriate and city* of residence. Please use the second line for state* and zip code* information.

III. Student Information

1) Please enter the information for each student in the foll. order: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Regular School Grade. If you enter them out of order, you will be alerted.

2) (Optional) Next, select one or more languages for each student.

3) (Optional) Next, select a class under Class 1 and / or Class 2 for each student.

Please note: One child attending one BV/YK or language or Class 1 or Class 2 class constitutes one unit

IV. Total Class Units

The total class units for the whole family is automatically computed and updated for you. You will not be able to edit this field.

V. Emergency Contact Information*

Please enter the emergency contact information here. NOTE: The emergency contact has to be a person different from the parents of the children.

VI. Dues

Select one of the options provided. Based on your selection, your dues are automatically computed. You will not be able to edit this field.

Option1: Register for Bala Vihar and language classes
Chinmaya Mission Sacramento Bala Vihar dues are fixed per student or adult, no matter the number of classes you register for.  Adult Yoga class registration is outside the scope of this web registration, follows same manual process as before.

VII. Payment Information

1. Select Payment Type*

2. If you have selected the "CreditCard" Payment Type, please enter the Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, and Security Code on the credit card. NOTE: The form is "secure", i.e., all information entered will be transmitted to the server securely.

3. If you have selected the "Check" Payment Type, print the form out and mail a check (PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CASH) for the total dues along with it to:

Chinmaya Triveni,
BalaVihar Payment
3231 Ramos Circle,
Sacramento, CA 95827

Your registration will be effective as soon as your payment is received.

VIII. Miscellaneous Information And Other Classes

1. School year is August to May

2. All adults are strongly urged to attend Swamiji's lecture/Gurudev's video lecture or an adult study group while their children are in classes.

IX. And Finally

To submit the application, click "Submit" OR 

To clear all the information you have entered and start over, click "Reset"

After you click "Submit" you'll receive a message from the Chinmaya Mission confirming the receipt of your registration. Please save this information for your records.

X. TroubleShooting

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